Ana Luca

Crypto Love Drops, Ana Luca LLC I have been following the NFT space since March 2021, when NFTs began rising in popularity and disrupting the art market. I've launched my own NFT art collection, have experience with a few NFT marketplaces, and learned about other successful artists who've risen to notoriety thanks to NFTs. It's a fascinating market that continues to evolve, as more people and businesses join in the game.

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I am a European-American artist, based in Los Angeles. My art turns hardships into beauty so that people can feel gratitude for their past and hope for their future. Much of my work promotes love and compassion. I employ a variety of techniques such as symbolism, use of vibrant colors, and visible brush strokes to energize my audience toward achieving greatness. Feelings of optimism, encouragement, and inspiration emanate throughout my collections. Follow my art on Instagram @artbyanaluca.

My first big NFT art collection, Crypto Love Drops™ (, is a heart-shaped, jewelry-themed series. This NFT art helps people express their love and encouragement by gifting their heart to others, so that those they care about can feel supported emotionally and financially when receiving a Crypto Love Drop. Buyers are encouraged to buy a piece to keep and one to give to someone special. Overall, the collection serves a reminder for us all to lead with love in our lives.

I also have an inspirational poetry book incorporating the theme of love called "The People We Meet". View my books, art gallery, NFTs, and more at

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NFT Creation

April 02, 2022, 08:00 PM
Ana Luca