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NFTs and the Metaverse - Business and Career Boosting Trends To Watch

A Talk by Victoria Hepburn PCC (Author and Remote Career Expert)

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Wondering what business or career opportunities exist for you in NFTs and the Metaverse?

Short answer - Lots!

WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Where money flows, opportunity grows. We saw this with Web 1.0 (e-commerce), Web 2.0 (social media) and now Web 3.0 (NFT, metaverse).

In 2021, the NFT market alone grew to over $41 Billion and is still in its infancy. Web 3.0, NFTs and the Metaverse are projected to become nearly a trillion-dollar industry by 2030. There are thousands of brands and companies working to establish their presence in NFTs and the Metaverse representing a diverse number of industries.

WHAT'S IN IT TO BOOST ENTREPRENEURS? There are new ways for creators and entrepreneurs to build loyalty, community, create brand partnerships, hold events and monetize their physical and digital products.

WHAT'S IN IT TO BOOST CAREER CHANGERS? Executives from start-ups and trusted brands are investing in NFTs and Web 3.0. They are already struggling to find candidates for key roles and demand is growing quickly. There are new resources to help you uncover and explore new roles you probably have never heard of yet.

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April 02, 2022, 07:00 PM

07:00 PM - 07:30 PM

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Victoria Hepburn

Victoria Hepburn PCC

Author and Remote Career Expert